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Wacker Neuson Pavement breaker

Wacker Neuson Pavement breaker

The innovative magic drilling and chiseling hammers save money because they lose no time due to maintenance and failures:

The three-phase AC motor means that there is no changing of worn-out carbon brushes.

Failures due to burnt-out windings in the rotor of the motor are likewise a thing of the past.

On the other hand, the built-in frequency inverter is a very useful feature, since it means that magic electric hammers can be plugged in to a standard mains socket.

No wear at all: non-contact rpm setting. Consistent and concentrated performance in hard and soft materials due to the new high-tech percussion system.

Undoubtedly safer operation for the user due to the unique built-in converter: automatic voltage-matching protects against under- and over-voltages.

The work becomes less tiring thanks to the individually adjustable Pro-Ergo








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