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Pallet Fork

Pallet Fork


  •      walk-thru frame gives easy in/out for the operator plus enhanced operator safety & ergonomics
    • Standard (full) brick guard option available, 42? & 60? tine lengths available, wide-rail forks available
    • Adjustable tines slide on HD rail and lock-in at 8 different locations, tines are removable & replaceable
    • Forged HD fork tines are rated at 4,000 lbs. lift capacity 24? from base of tines, so over 7,500 lbs. failure rate
    • HD main frame and extra gussets deliver one of the heaviest fork frames in the industry for added durability


Special Features & Industrial Design

  • Extra HD 1 1/2" x 4" forged solid tines, 4,000 lbs. rated lift capacity 24" from base of tine (over 7,500 lbs. failure rate)
  • HD frame with XL side and brick guard gussets for maximum strength and durability make it one of heaviest in industry
  • Unique walk-thru design allows easy & comfortable exit and entry from operator?s seat, while increasing operator safety
  • Tall, reinforced brick guard protects operator and helps secure load, while still allowing great visibility of fork tine tips
  • Gloss black powder coat finish for superior durability and look

    Operator Ease