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Dewalt 10" tile saw

Dewalt 10" tile saw

This 10 in. Wet Tile Saw is the lightest in its class.

One person can easily move it on and off the jobsite.

It provides 25 in. rip cut capacity and up to 28 in. plunge cuts, as well as 18 in. by 18 in. tile diagonal cuts.

The incredibly stable, rubber-matted cutting cart will provide consistent accuracy to within 1/32 in. over 18 in.

It features excellent water containment, allowing for setup inside a finished home.

Durable aluminum framing and stainless steel rails provide durability in the harsh jobsite environment.


    • Adjustable Water Nozzles
    • Blade Diameter 10"
    • Diagonal Cut Capacity 18 in by 18 in
    • Max Depth of Cut 3 1/8 in
    • Max Rip Capacity with Plunge 28 in
    • Tool Length 36 in
    • Tool Width 29 in
    • Tool Height 24 in
    • Tool Weight 69 lbs




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